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WOTvine provides a single-source overview of social media content from multiple sources focused on a specific topic, organization, club, band, team, or individual.”

Who is behind WOTvine?

Founder: Phil Gowling
Founder: Phil Gowling

My name is Phil Gowling, both a social media user and developer, who has worked in the Internet arena since the mid-90’s. I am also a Craft Beer and Homebrewing enthusiast who frequently shares recipes, information about newly sampled beers, and cool brewery finds with my peers using a variety of social media web sites.

Originally from the UK, I have lived and worked in the USA since 2009, and consider social media as an important medium to keep in-touch with my family and friends on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world as well as keeping up-to-date with what is going on with the likes of my home town football (soccer) team.

What is WOTvine?

Example of social media content on Beer Infinity
Example of social media content on Beer Infinity

WOTvine is an online service whose concept came to me whilst working on my Craft Beer and Homebrewing website, Beer Infinity. In addition to various articles and news on this site there are also pages about specific breweries.

One thing I wanted to achieve was to be able to display a brewery’s Facebook posts and Twitter tweets together with the brewery details. I also wanted a News page that displayed social media information based on breweries located in the user’s geographical location e.g. country, state, or city.

I soon came to realize that my only options were to use the existing widgets to display the likes of a list of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets and that it was not possible to show a combination of these in a dynamic manner that could not only be sorted by when they were published but could also work in a PC browser as well as on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Example of WordPress plugin layout
Example of WordPress plugin layout

This led me to develop a WordPress plugin, which can be found here, and is currently used on both Beer Infinity and a number of other WordPress-based web sites.

After developing this plugin I began to think about wouldn’t it be useful if a site existed whereby all the social media activity for the likes of a Baseball team, a Company, a Music band or solo artist, a University or School, a Club, a Government Dept, a Tourism Agency or similar could display all their social media activity on a single web page.

With this is mind I came up with the WOTvine and as well as using the existing plugin to display social media activity, the various entities represented would be organized by category to group similar ones together and make them easier to find.

Report listing error popup
Report listing error popup

These are the main sections of our site:

  • Home – this is a configurable page of activity showing the content from the latest social media accounts added to the site. Upon visiting the page for the first time the content defaults to the users’ geographical location which can be changed via the pop-up Filter. The Category can also be fine tuned to restrict the type of content and there is the option to save these settings.
  • Browse – this page allows the browsing of Categories that currently have content and shows the nested Categories up to four levels deep and ordered alphabetically.
  • News – announcements about new features and site updates on the site can be found here.
  • Support – this contains How To guides and FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) to help explain commonly encountered queries about using this site.
  • About Us – this page that helps explain the background of this web site.
  • Contact Us – a form to contact our team in the event that you have questions that cannot be answered on the Support page or for reporting any content that is deemed to be either incorrect or potentially inappropriate.
Filter popup on the Home page
Filter popup on the Home page

At the bottom of the site are these additional sections:

  • Copyright Notice – provides details about, and acknowledges the owners of, content contained on the Social News Center site.
  • Privacy Policy – sets out how we use and protect any information that you provide during the use this web site.
  • Terms & Conditions – describes the Terms and Conditions that users of this web site are bound by when using this web site.

Who does WOTvine appeal to?

Internet users who wish to find out the latest social media activity about a Company, Government body, or Organization through to their favorite Sports team or person, Band or Artist, or seek out a Club to check out what they are recently doing – all of this within a single view rather than having to use separate social media sites or apps.

Our site has plenty of features to help you including:

  • Categories – find the information you seek using via our collapsible Navigation Tree or through the Browse page.
  • Filter – restrict the information to your own criteria on our Home page by Category or geographical location e.g. Country and State or Region.
  • Search – this dynamic search allows you to find the information you need as you type. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the main menu.
Example of content from multiple social media sources
Example of content from multiple social media sources

If you are a member, owner, manager, or worker at a Company, Organization, Club, Band, or Team, may be an individual or enthusiast, who would like to share your social media activity with our site users then you can do this by Register and Login then you can submit your desired details and social media accounts using our Entry Wizard (coming soon).

How to contact us here at WOTvine?

You can contact us at the following address:

P.O. Box 1127
State College
PA 16804

or alternatively use our Contact Us form (which is much faster).

We also have the following Social Media pages which you can follow, comment, re-pin, share, re-tweet etc:

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